Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Albert Street Cottages, Oatlands

The block of land that these two cottages sit on was originally granted to John Goulder, a freed convict in 1839. Goulder had previously settled on the one and a quarter acre block in 1832 and in the same year he built a large weatherboard house. By 1839 he had fenced his land with stone walling and erected a two storey stone house, complete with outbuildings. The stables building remain the only original building surviving.

By 1840, John Goulder had become a successful shopkeeper and in 1842 he became the licencee of the Inverary Castle Inn which he renamed the Kentish Arms. By 1844, he had purchased the Bridge Inn in Pontville and the following years he purchased a property in High Street, Oatlands

John Goulder passed away in 1880 and by 1885 these two cottages had replaced the original two storey cottage. It is believed that the materials from the original house were used in the construction of the new cottages. The cottages are in wonderful condition and are beautifully maintained and form a lovely part of the streetscape.

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