Sunday, 4 December 2016

Glenora, Hobart

In 1836, a windmill was built by William McRobie which was adjacent to the former Trinity burial ground which was located at the upper end of Campbell Street. The windmill was purchased by George Arnold in c1870, who then converted the site into a biscuit factory. As his prosperity grew, Arnold re-located the factory to another site, pulled the old factory buildings down and built a large home for himself called ‘Glenora’.

It appears that Arnold owned the property for around 20 – 25 years before the house was purchased by Sir Henry Jones of IXL Jams fame. Sir Henry lived in the home until his passing in 1926 and Lady Jones continued to live in the house until her passing in 1952.

The house was then sold by private negotiation following an auction. The name of the purchaser and the price paid was not disclosed, but it was believed at the time that the property was bought by Mr. G. W. Richardson, of Hobart.

The property is still in existence and is in wonderful condition and is currently being used by the Lady Gowrie Child Centre organization.

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