Friday, 14 April 2017

Former Beach Tavern, Sandy Bay

The former Beach Tavern in Sandy Bay has the look of a typical early colonial era roadside inn, of which there are many scattered across Tasmania. This one, which still stands on Sandy Bay Road was first licensed as an Inn by Frederick Lipscombe in 1843.

Advertisements from the time declared that pleasure grounds and tea gardens were to be laid out on the site, all for local citizens to be able to enjoy themselves after completing their labours and toils at the end of the day.

It was recorded that the first ever game of lawn bowls to be played in Tasmania actually took place at the Beach Tavern in 1845 when Frederick Lipscombe was narrowly defeated by a Mr T Burgess.

The Beach Tavern was sold in 1863 and the new owner decided to close the tavern and the building became a private residence. The building is now classified and registered by the National Trust and has been converted into two tourist apartments but still maintains its look in a prominent area of Sandy Bay.

Main Text & Information Source – 
“The Story Of Sandy Bay – Street By Street” – Donald Howatson 2016