Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Ouse Catholic Church

The dedication for the Ouse Catholic Church on October 15, 1879, was documented by the "Catholic Standard's" reporter with great gusto. Father Gilleran of New Norfolk had made all the necessary arrangements beforehand, so a large party had left for Ouse on the 14th for the official dedication in very high spirits. All thoroughly enjoyed the wonderful spring weather and beautiful scenery up the Derwent Valley and arrived in Hamilton by mid afternoon. Following an excellent lunch, the party was back on the road to Ouse. It was said that the group could see the newly constructed church glistening in the sun for a distance of at least 6 miles.

The following day saw a tremendous turnout for the dedication ceremony, with people from Hamilton, Ellendale, New Norfolk and Marlborough all well represented. The 34 ft by 16 ft church building was declared a "gem" by all present.Thanks were given to the Honourable Walter A.B Gellibrand for his generous donation of the land on which the new church sat, to Mr Henry Hunter for his design of the new church and to Mr Lewis, who had executed his wonderful building skills in a way that could not be faulted. The diamond panel windows (which incorporated sapphire blue crosses) were considered a particular highlight of the design.

At the end of the service, it was announced that the debts for the new church stood at 100 pounds and a resultant collection around the gathering throng saw an amount of 83 pounds collected.

The church is still a "Little Gem" and is a treat for the many passers by on the neighboring Lyell Highway to enjoy. It is beautifully situated and very visible. Well worth having a wander through the attached churchyard.

Main Text & Information Source - 
"From Black Snake To Bronte" - Book by Audrey Holiday & John Trigg