Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Hill Street Reservoir

For many years the city relied on the Hobart Rivulet for its water supply but continued expansion of the city meant that additional resources were required. In the 1860's the Hobart Council implemented an extensive waterworks scheme that redirected some of the creeks flowing off Mt Wellington into a new storage reservoir on the Sandy Bay Rivulet, at the top of Waterworks Road.

A 10 inch water main linked from there to the Hill Street distribution reservoir which supplies the city. The original Hill Street reservoir was a circular storage area with a diameter of 70 feet and a depth of 18 feet 6 inches. It was lined with masonary set in special hydraulic mortar and is enclosed within a square brick building.

It was soon discovered that the reservoir was leaking, but it wasnt until a second reservoir was constructed on the site in 1882 that the first one could be drained and repaired. Part of the reservoir wall collapsed in 1926 and released a spectacular deluge but it was promptly rebuilt and the Hill Street reservoir continues to function as an integral part of the city's complex water supply a reserve water supply and for fire fighting backup.

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