Sunday, 12 October 2014

No 2 Arthur St, North Hobart

No 2 Arthur St is a simple, late Georgian style cottage with no complications or surprises in its design. The cottage is made from solid sandstone, reportedly quarried at Risdon and was supposedly constructed for their sister (who had just been married) by the two sons of the man who was responsible for the construction of Gatesheath next door. In its original form, it would probably have been indistinguishable from dozens of other similar cottages dotted all over the ever expanding Hobart Town area.

According to descriptions of the inside of the building, there are the usual cast iron fireplaces with decorative timber surrounds, attractive ceiling roses and simple cornices. A broad entry hall is interrupted by a single arch and steep stairs to the two upstairs rooms have a simple balustrading. The two upstairs rooms receive their natural light from dormer windows that face towards the back of the property. There is nothing on the front of the house to suggest the existence of the rooms.

Additions have obviously been made to the cottage to make it a thoroughly modern dwelling. A place to be lived in with a large degree of comfort. A lovely little cottage that is still occupied as a private residence.

Main Information & Text Sources -
“Mansions, Cottages and All Saints” – Book by Audrey Holiday & Walter Eastman