Sunday, 15 March 2015

Green Ponds Store, Kempton

The Green Ponds Store was built about 1840 by William Henry Ellis, an emancipated convict who had been transported for embezzlement. Ellis amassed a considerable fortune and by 1843, he had built Dysart House, a grand coaching inn and his store. This store sold everything the local community needed, from ironmongery to ladies lace gloves. Butter for sale was supplied by Mrs Johnson of Lonsdale while such luxuries as wallpaper were all imported.

Buoyed by the success of his store, Ellis arranged for additions to be made to the store in 1852 which enlarged its overall floorplan by more than double. Following his death in 1860, the store continued to operate under the direction of Ellis' sons and operated well into the 20th century.

Unfortunately a fire in 1996 destroyed much of the building including Ellis' 1852 additions. At the southern end of the building is a large public well built by W.H.Ellis to help attract customers to the store.

The building is currently in private hands and it appears that a restoration program is well underway on the building.

Main Information Source - Interpretive Sign at the site.
B&W photograph - Tasmanian Archives - Green Ponds Store, Kempton