Wednesday, 18 March 2015

The Star Inn, Hobart

The Star Inn was first licensed in 1839 and was sited about three doors down from Molle Street on the northern side of Goulburn Street. The Star Inn appears to have remained open steadily until 1900 and seems to have had only 5 or so licencees in its lifetime. It is reported that the Inn was a popular place with sporting people and groups from around Hobart.

Henry Marshall took out the original license in 1839 and he held it until 1852. In 1853, Mary Marshall took over the license but it seems she only held the license for part of the year when Henry Marshall took over the license of the Star Inn. Not sure if this the same Henry Marshall who had the initial license but this time the license was only held until 1856 before a further change took place. John Venebles took over in 1856 but didnt see out the year. He was replaced by William Morton who held on to the license until 1860. There is a bit of a gap between 1860 when William Morton appears to have relinquished the license and 1886 when M.A. Watt appears to take up the license of the Inn.

M.A Watt held the license until 1893 and it appears that changes were on the horizon as the Star Inn is listed as becoming a private house around 1900. The building still stands in Goulburn Street and remains as a private residence although still proudly displaying  its Star Inn sign from a time during its life as an Inn. The building is still in very good condition and one can imagine the patrons entering the Inn to celebrate their sporting victories or to drown their sorrows after a gallant loss!

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