Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Cullen House

The two conjoined houses that stand next to St Joseph’s Catholic Church in Macquarie Street, Hobart were constructed by Richard Roberts in 1847. Roberts placed an advertisement in the Feb 1847 edition of the “Colonial Times” and he described the houses as “town residences for a first rate family”. Five and a half years later, the houses were bought by the well known colonial lawyer and landholder, Gamaliel Butler.

More than a century later, the last of the parish priests was Monsignor John Hugh Cullen. He had been the curate of  St Joseph’s since 1910, the year that he arrived from Ireland, parish priest from 1934 before he retired in 1956. In effect he had administered the St Joseph’s parish for 46 years and this service was later honoured when the Church acquired the building in 1978. The right hand of the two houses served as a parish centre for a number of years and was named Cullen House during this time.

The building, with its two houses now operates as business space with a health services business and a psychologist operating from the building. The building still retains a real grandeur and elegance and forms an important part of the Macquarie Street streetscape.

Main Text & information Source – 
“Mansions, Cottages & All Saints” – Audrey Holiday & Walter Eastman