Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Old Evandale State School & Headmasters Residence

Designed by W.W. Eldridge and built at the Evandale State School in 1889. The building is a fine single storey brick Gothic Revival schoolhouse built in 1889. It was designed for 120 children and was the first state school in the district. The school was extensively renovated in 1929. An infant classroom was added at the time and another large room was divided in two. It served as the State School until 1952 when the current primary school was constructed.

The building was remodeled again in 1986 when the Evandale Municipal Council moved from its original building in Russell St. The building was used as the Municipal Council Chambers until council was amalgamated into the Northern Midlands Council in 1993.

In 1994, the building was reopened as the Tourism, History and community centre where it continues to provide tourist information and house Evandale’s archival records, a collection of historical photographs, local artifacts and a subscription library.

Next door is the former State School Headmaster’s residence. It is a fine two storey Victorian Gothic house built in 1889 by J.H. Batten for the Education Department. Headmasters of the Evandale State School lived in this house for the next eighty years. The first headmaster was Alban Roper. This property is now a private residence.

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