Sunday, 29 May 2016

Old Police Office Site, Pontville

Around 1837, a stone cottage referred to as the “Police Office” on the 1838 subdivisional plan of Pontville was erected on a site overlooking the Jordan River and the old Hobart To Launceston road.  It faced Glebe Street and stood within an acre area set aside for a convict road station. Some of its original sandstone footings remain in place as does an arc of stones bordering the back yard.

A pound in which to detain stray animals was established in the north west corner of the block in 1839. That same year a watch house was constructed in Pontville and a new police residence was erected adjacent to it around 1842. The Police Office cottage remained occupied until it was demolished in approximately 1900. The block remains a vacant block to this day.

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Interpretive Sign at the Site